17th January 2022

Bad and Good SEO Methods 10 Practices

SEO is an area where many aspects do not appear to be straightforward, but there are still aspects that can clearly and without a doubt define the SEO method as good or bad, as ‘black’ or ‘white’.

SEO methods

Ethical SEO practices that follow the rules and recommendations of search engines are commonly referred to as “white hat”, and practices that aim to be promoted by manipulating the search engine’s perception of the site – “black hat”.

  We will look at several such “black” and “white” SEO methods.

Bad list

Buying links. Hiding purchased links from search engines may seem like a simple task, but it is also not difficult for search engines to track your purchased links and penalize you. Of course, for a while, you may be unnoticed and even get a rise in SEO metrics. But it’s not worth it, because sooner or later the links will be discovered and depreciated. The short-term benefit is not a major failure.

Building a network of satellite sites (link farms). Satellite Link Network, is the so-called link growth, through satellite sites that are tied together, creating entire web resources with useless content to accumulate a mass of links. Search engines, finding similar machinations, quickly put the whole system of websites in the ban. Isn’t it better to take the time to increase the quality content of your site?

Using Swap is one of the “blackest” ones and therefore one of the most desperate search engine optimization methods. Its essence is to replace the content of pages successfully indexed by search engines. Simply put, it’s a hoax for users to navigate to the first row of search results to get to a page that doesn’t contain the content they expect to see. Very often these are pages for casting votes for something.

Use of duplicate content. Using content from other sites, even if rewritten, rarely succeeds in SEO. Sooner or later such resources, stolen content sites, fall out of search engine rankings.

Tracking algorithms. Stop trying to predict what the next algorithm update will be or react to it lightning. Search engines now rarely announce algorithm updates, and Google releases several updates every day. All your efforts to outwit the search engines in their own game is a completely inefficient use of your resources.

Making visitors wait. The long loading time of the site increases the bounce rate, lowers the ranking and simply annoys the visitors. Slow loading a site is not a “black” SEO tactic, it’s rather silly. Slow loading hurts both your customers’ marketing experience and SEO, and it continues to fall out of the reach of marketers who believe they do not influence this issue. Stop ignoring the load time of your site and finally do something about it.

Ignore mobile search. Ignoring mobile search services, this, of course, is not a “black” method of SEO, it’s just not very reasonable. An argument like “My clients are not mobile. Take a look at how few mobile users are on my site “will bring you into a vicious circle. Google, for example, even rewards mobile-friendly sites. More than half of Google searches come from smartphones. It is not possible to search within the confines of individual mobile open-access tracking applications, but just imagine how many New Year’s purchases are made using your phone’s browser or apps. Clarify how your competitors relate to this. Do they have applications? It is possible that you are not getting more traffic because you are taking it yourself.

Good list

Create useful, unique content. This point is at the very beginning of a good list because it is the best long-term strategy that will provide you with strong SEO performance. Generate content that users would like to share that is useful to them. Just imagine for a moment that you do not work for your company. Do you have enough information to buy something from the site? Is this information sufficiently informative and interesting? Would you buy something if you were a visitor to your site?

It’s hard to be completely impartial by the end, so check out your competitors’ sites.

Check Google for the keywords you want to use and see what the top results look like. Evaluate them by the same parameters you intend to use in your content work. Do they have navigation that is easier to use or that will lead you to purchase faster? Ask anyone uninterested to honestly give you an opinion on your site.

Using the best SEO practices. Yes, the content must be useful and unique. But if you publish it on a site that is not optimized, the content will not help you reach the top and attract buyers. SEO needs to be viewed in terms of the overall strategy and creative process of customer experience formation.

Use progressive improvement. Search engines are still highly dependent on HTML texts and links. Yes, Google is now using AJAX, but that does not guarantee full indexing or significance recognition. Many sites that use AJAX and complex Java Script will have indexing problems if they do not use crawls specifically for SEO.

Progressive enhancement is a development concept that uses techniques such as CSS, JavaScript and AJAX to provide first-class content access and user-friendly experience as a whole. Progressive enhancement ensures the presence of HTML text and links that spiders can index and give contextual meaning. However, trust is a key element in the rise of your company and you can find the top SEO companies in Bulgaria and trust them completely. They are there for a reason!

Search engines always track down fraud and “punish” dishonest players accordingly. You will decide. But remember, this is always very risky because if you get caught once, you can forever forget about your site by falling under the filter. The results of the black SEO methods will take you very little time. Therefore, it is better not to cheat, but to focus your resources on long-term results by honestly working on your site.